Peter Van Derick

  Lulu - Dr. Schön
“The debut of Peter Van Derick in the role of Doctor Schön was one of the most convincing performances of the evening due to a thorough understanding of the text and artistic intelligence, making possible a study of the character at a very high level.”
Aachener Zeitung

Lucia di Lammermoor - Enrico
“As Enrico, the wicked brother who is the cause of the tragedy, Peter Van Derick is unusually impressive. There is, first of all, the wine-dark timbre of his virile baritone and his ability to color the text with his vocal shadings. And then there is his dramatic conception of the role. He works to make Enrico as persuasive a character as possible, and that adds an element of credible cross purposes to the plot.”
Sacramento Union

La Traviata - Germont
“The confrontation between Violetta and Germont was the highlight of the first half of the opera. Peter Van Derick made Giorgio a totally believable fatherly character with his resonant baritone instrument. His touching duet with Violetta was a real treat, as was the pairing of father and son at the end of Act II.”
Richmond Times - Dispatch

“Among La Traviata’s cast, Peter Van Derick stood out in the role of Alfredo’s father. A powerful baritone whose voice was tinged with remorse, Van Derick played the immutable to perfection.”
Daily Press

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Peter Van Derick in the role of Thomas Garrett, A Woman Called Moses. Virginia Opera.

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